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Here is an endorsement for Judge Kerrie Maloney Laytin, from someone who knows her best, Ben Laytin, then age 11:

Hello. Think about this. How much do you know about the people who write the things that you read, or as you know them, authors?  I guarantee you that you do not know much on the matter. But, I am going to tell you one thing about me, the person writing this.  I am 11 years old. So I ask one thing. Please, just listen to what I say. I am not here to talk about child rights, but I am here to talk about a much more serious matter. Improving the city, our city, of Chicago. Now you may ask “How do we do that?” I am here to tell you how.

There are lots of ways to make our city better, and here is one of them: We need to elect fair people who won’t give in about doing what is right because they feel bad. These are good, strong people. One person that is a clear example of this is Judge Kerrie Maloney Laytin. She has 22 years of legal experience, and she learned from the greatest at Columbia University. She always takes part in things to help the community, and she volunteers at a program called High Jump, among others. This is a program that gives education to kids not as fortunate as some of us are. She has devoted much of her life to make sure that other people are healthy and happy with good jobs.  As a mom to myself and my brother Jacob, she is always fair, loving, kind, and humorous. She knows how to make your day. 

But enough about her outside life, let’s dive in to her judging life. She was found ‘Qualified’ or ‘Recommended’ by ALL of the evaluating bar associations. This is an incredible accomplishment, something that other judges can only dream of getting. To put this into perspective, let’s say that you are wanted at EVERY college in the nation. Like a full-on scholarship at every school in the nation, which includes leading schools like Harvard or Yale. Yeah, that’s pretty good. That means that she is one of leading judges in the nation! When you have the opportunity to vote for someone like this, why pass up the chance?

If you have an opportunity to change the city for the better, why pass up the chance? If you have an opportunity to vote for Judge Kerrie Maloney Laytin, why pass up the chance?

Bar Ratings

Asian American Bar AssociationQualified
Black Women Lawyers’ AssociationRecommended
Chicago Bar AssociationQualified
Chicago Council of LawyersQualified
Cook County Bar AssociationRecommended
Decalogue Society of LawyersRecommended
Hellenic Bar Association of IllinoisRecommended
Hispanic Lawyers Association of IllinoisQualified
Illinois State Bar AssociationQualified
Puerto Rican Bar AssociationRecommended
Women’s Bar Association of IllinoisRecommended
Advocates SocietyRecommended

According to the Chicago Bar Association, Judge Maloney Laytin "has extensive appellate court experience and is well regarded for her knowledge of the law, diligence, and thoughtful and deliberative demeanor."

According to the Chicago Council of Lawyers, Judge Maloney Laytin is "praised for legal skills and for her professional demeanor, even in the midst of heated legal matters. She is reported to have good judgment and has the ability to resolve contested disputes."